1987 for Ad Honorem Stravinsky by Philip Rhodes

1988 for Asterism by Toru Takemitsu

1989 for Scenes from Shir Ha-Shirim by Mario Davidovsky

1989 for Quartette (Allegro de Concert) by Caryl Florio

1990 for Apparition by George Crumb

1990 for Concerto for Violin and Orchestra by John Becker

1990 for Piano Sonata by Chester Biscardi

1993 for Freeman Etudes, Books 3 & 4 by John Cage

1993 for Trio by Charles Jones

1993 for At Dieppe by John Becker

1993 for An Idyll for the Misbegotten by George Crumb

1994 for Federico's Little Songs for Children by George Crumb

1994 for String Quartet No. 4 by Mario Davidovsky
               (as Production Coordinator and Engraver)

1994 for Rhapsody in B Minor by Charles Griffes

1994 for La Spagna by Josquin Des Pres

1994 for Grand Bamboula by Charles Wuorinen

1995 for Divertimento by Ross Lee Finney

1995 for O Sacrum Convivium by Hayes Biggs

1996 for Mass for All Saints by Hayes Biggs

1996 for Soli e Duettiniby Milton Babbitt

1997 for Capriccio by Charles Wuorinen

1997 for Soundpiece No. 5 by John Becker

1997 for Music for Wind Instruments by John Cage

1998 for Five Aphorisms by Gardner Read

1998 for Five Pieces for Orchestra by Arnold Schoenberg

1999 for Four Christmas Motets by Hayes Biggs

1999 for Sextet by Gustavo Leone

1999 for Cadenzas and Fermatas to the Mozart Violin Concerti by Soulima
               Stravinsky and Roman Totenberg

2000 for Solo Piano Music by Morton Feldman

2001 for Little Pieces for Knuckleheads by Brian Jost

2002 for Trombone Alone by David Amram

2002 for Vissi d’arte from Tosca by Puccini (Piano Transcription by Yvar
               Mikhashoff) (as Engraver)

Music Publishers Association Paul Revere Awards for Graphic Excellence

(Production Coordinator and Book Designer):

Bruce Jeffrey Halitcher Taub