Bruce Jeffrey Halitcher Taub

Prizes and Awards:

  1. Marc Brunswick Award in Musical Composition (String Trio, 1969)
  2. Columbia University Fellow of the Faculty, National Defense Education Act Fellowship, 1969-71
  3. Joseph H. Bearns Prize in Music (Variations, 1971)
  4. BMI Award (Six Pieces for Orchestra, 1973)
  5. National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship (chamber opera, Passion, Poison and Petrifaction, 1975)
  6. Fellowship to the 1975 Composers Conference in Johnson, Vermont
  7. Grant from the American Music Center Composers Assistance Program, Martha Baird Rockefeller Fund for Music, 1975
  8. Commission from the Criterion Foundation (Of Things Past, 1976)
  9. Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts (full length opera, Waltz on a Merry-Go-Round, 1981)
  10. Fellowship to the Charles Ives Center for American Music, 1984
  11. Friends of Harvey Gaul Composition Contest (Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble)(Extremities II, 1984)(Finalist)
  12. Fellowship to the Charles Ives Center for American Music, 1985
  13. Fellowship to the 1985 Composers Conference, Wellesley College
  14. 1987 Kucyna International Composition Contest (Finalist)(Extremities II)
  15. Museum in the Community Composition Contest 1988 (Finalist)(Final Days - String Quartet No. 3)
  16. Commission from the Cleveland Chamber Symphony; Edwin London, Conductor (An Often Fatal Malady, 1990)
  17. Grant from the Margaret Fairbank Jory Copying Assistance Program (American Music Center)(An Often Fatal Malady, 1990)
  18. Commission from the Cleveland Chamber Symphony (Lady Mondegreen Sings the Blues, 1995)
  19. Commission from the Fromm Foundation (Adrian’s Dream,1995)
  20. Commission from Ensemble 21 (Impacted Crystal Cries, 1996)
  21. Meet the Composer Grant for performance of Adrian’s Dream by the New York New Music Ensemble (April 14, 1997)
  22. Commission from the Empyrean Ensemble ("…the limit of the flame…", 1997)
  23. Commission from the Maurice Duruflé Trio (Paris)
  24. Commission from the Stony Brook Contemporary Chamber Players (Lady Mondegreen Bangs the Can!)

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